The Top Three Reasons to Buy Or Sell a Motorcycle Online

There is a saying in the boating crowd that goes something like this, the two happiest days in my life were the day I bought my boat and the day I sold my boat. That saying does not hold true when it comes to motorcycles. We love our bikes. Some of us love them so much that we buy and own several at a time. I still have regrets about selling some of the bikes I have owned. In fact, I have regrets about selling most of them. When the time comes to buy or sell a motorcycle, online ads have surpassed the old fashioned ways of newspaper ads and visiting a dealer. Let’s explore the top three reasons for that.

1.   Buying or selling a motorcycle online is more proactive. There are almost unlimited resources for classified ads online. You can decide what you want to buy and know within fifteen minutes how much should pay for a particular bike and where to find the closest one. If you are selling, you can list your bike in hundreds of places for free and begin to get responses immediately. Craigslist is the most popular place and is extremely user friendly. eBay is also extremely popular but since I have no experience I cannot comment on it’s ease of use. If you want to go beyond the big two, simply use Google to search for other online classified advertising sites. 

2.   Whether you are buying or selling, you want to get the best price you can.  By spending some time researching, you can easily determine the value of any motorcycle. Archimedes wrote extensively about leverage in the scientific realm. It also has applications in many areas of our daily existence. When I am buying or selling a motorcycle I can use my knowledge of value to strike the best deal. That is true leverage.  

3. The third reason to use the internet to buy or sell a motorcycle is because it is so much fun. Every time I look for information about a specific motorcycle, I get pulled in wondrous directions. I used to own a 1979 Honda CBX. I sold it 8 years ago and still regret it. I can jump online and find a half dozen of them and fantasize about owning and riding one again. You can research to your heart’s content and never leave your home.

I have been buying and selling motorcycles since 1967. It has never been easier or more fun. It used to be somewhat of a chore running around looking at bikes and waiting until the bike you want shows up in the condition and in the price range you think is right. Now you just do a little research and the bike you want will magically appear.